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Strength training for endurance athletes - New considerations for improving performance

  • 19th May 2020

Our manchester based sports perfomance testing lab is ideal for endurance athletes that want an accurate measure of their current fitness. Using our state of the art equipment we are able to accurately pinpoint areas for you to work on, what we refer to as 'performance limiters'. Our assessment days last approximately 2-3 hours and are ideal for cyclists, runners and triathletes of all abilities. We work with individuals new to sport who are looking to take on a new challenge, right through...

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How Athletes Can Improve Recovery and Performance with Vibration Therapy

  • 10th June 2019

An increasing number of amateur endurance athletes are competing at higher levels and undertaking harder events than ever. By 'amateur', we mean, they do not train and race full time, and therefore do not get paid for the priviledge and pain ! Regardless of this, their training, dedication and determination is often on par with their professional counterparts. Underperforming and injury So why then do they often fall short in competition or fail to reach the dizzy heights...

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  • 23rd August 2018

A 3-4 hour ride can be grueling enough, especially during the cold winter, but what you consume during your ride is what will make or break your progress as an athlete.  On a long ride it is inevitable that you are going to burn a significant amount of energy and the main source of that energy is carbohydrates. However, your body only has a limited amount of carbohydrates it can store before it runs out and if you don’t replace these you begin to suffer (or as some people...

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Don't Make These Common Pacing Mistakes

  • 4th August 2018

“I think I went out too fast”  These are words all far too commonly used by athletes at the end of their race.  It might seem like a good idea to start a race really fast, by adopting a 'go out fast and hang on for dear life' approach, but you will regret this later on in the race as data analysis shows that 'fast starts make for slow finishes'. If you want to run your best race, then it is important to control your pace at the start and...

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  • 10th July 2018

The words ‘long run’ are a very broad term as it depends on the specific distance you are training for. However, the long run does play a big role in getting an athlete ready for competition.  Before you undertake any session you should have ‘a plan’. After researching the demands of your event, something we call an ‘athlete needs analysis’, you should begin to understand what is required of you to complete/perform well in it. This is a simple...

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Top 5 Cycling Tips On Hill Climbing

  • 25th June 2018

“ Hills ,  hills ,  hills … everywhere! ” These  are the exact words that come out of the mouth of a cyclist or triathlete, when cycling through a cold, wet and windy winters training ride and they have just had enough.  They are however, big or small, unavoidable.   So , it  is  important  that  you  get the best out of yourself  each time that  you  approach one. GEARING: It ...

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Interview With SunSport Coached Athlete Ronan Anderson Ahead Of The CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon

  • 16th June 2018

SunSport Coaching athlete Ronan Anderson this June competed in the seventh edition of the ‘CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon’, with the extreme endurance event taking part on 16th June. The race is centered around the stunning Torridon mountains. Ronan will also have to endure cold water, strong winds, driving rain and difficult conditions on the mountain with low visibility – a true test of grit, endurance and both physical and mental stamina. Ronan is coached by Stuart,...

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Heart Rate Monitor vs Power Meter. What is the difference?

  • 5th June 2018

When athletes want to take their training to the next level, it is time to turn to technology. So, what is the difference between a heart rate monitor and a power meter? Put simply, a heart rate monitor is measuring your body’s ' input'  to the bike  ie  the ‘physiological cost’,  whereas a  p ower meter is measuring  ' output'  only.   Power is an indication of the  total  workload  of all the...

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Innovative Performance Analysis and Wearable Tech at SunSport Coaching

  • 30th May 2018

Performance testing and analysis with SunSport Coaching is not like most other coaching centres – a focus on innovation has brought us to the position of being pioneers when it comes to utilising the latest wearable technology. But broken down to the most basic level, how can this help you to improve as an athlete? We recap some of the latest technology we use and what the benefits are to allow us to help you to improve and to become better, faster and stronger in your discipline....

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Importance of Performance Testing Throughout the Season

  • 18th April 2018

Most athletes love to hate them, having to push yourself to the limit or being poked and prodded awkwardly in the lab before, during and after hard efforts – we’re of course talking about the dreaded performance testing. At SunSport Coaching we’re big advocates of testing throughout the season, both to measure progress, to analyse areas for improvement and to allow coaching to be designed to take an athlete’s performance to the next level. Establishing a...

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Training Camps

Spring SunSport Coaching Performance Training Camp Wrap-Up

  • 29th March 2018

Earlier this month we packed our bags and hopped on a plane to escape the incoming Beast from the East, headed for Mallorca for some warmer weather training with several riders on our first SunSport Coaching Performance Training Camp of 2018. Home to some of the best cycling in Europe, and a hot spot frequented by the professionals, the Balearic Island provides the perfect training ground to build for the coming season. While in Mallorca, it was not just about getting out and riding, as...

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Innovative brands join Sunsport Performance Training Camps in Mallorca

  • 14th February 2018

With the first  Sunsport Coaching Performance Training Camp  of 2018 just a few weeks away, we’re pleased to be able to announce a selection of innovative brands that will help raise the bar on the training our athletes will experience. The week includes comprehensive individual and group assessments from our expert team of sports scientists and support staff, creating a hugely beneficial week of riding and performance analysis on the beautiful island of Mallorca for those...

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Training Camps

Cycle performance training camps- Mallorca spring 2018

  • 1st November 2017

We are pleased to announce out 2018 cycle performance camps in Mallorca Very Limited spaces ! ultimate cycle training and sports assessment week for anyone wishing to go up a level in 2018!! full details here

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SunSport Coaching and Gallanach Webinar collaboration

  • 25th September 2017

Watch this space for a future collaboration between SSC and  Gallanach A London based consulting and advisory firm consisting of proven senior managers and board directors working with SME, not for profit and public sector organisations SunSport head coach, Stuart Percival and Gallanch director Norman Blisset will host a series of short exercise physiology based webinars We begin tomorrow with Norman undertaking a half day in our Manchester based Sports science lab, where he...

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Junior rower technique analysis – Portable lab!

  • 21st September 2017

Recently we spent a day with our portable lab out in the field measuring the physiology and technique of this young rower. Take a look at this video that shows sEmG data synced with rowing technique. We are currently working on improving his performance with some bespoke training interventions. This young athlete hopes to go on to represent GB…watch this space

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Training Camps

SunSport coaching Cycle Performance analysis camp Mallorca

  • 21st May 2017

Date: September 18-22nd 2017 Location: Mallorca Join our expert team of sports scientists and support staff for the ultimate cycle training package. A comprehensive week of riding and Sports Performance assessments on the beautiful island of Mallorca. Our team will assess your physiology using the latest wearable technology and provide performance feedback and daily coaching based on your unique results. example assessments Biomechanics / positional analysis ;...

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