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Whether you are an endurance athlete with specific competition in mind or a sports enthusiast looking for performance gains SunSport Coaching can support you to achieve your goals.

SunSport Coaching is run by a dedicated team of qualified expert coaches and sports enthusiasts. Our UK fitness testing facility is based in Manchester where we have a fully equipped sports science lab using the most advanced cardiovascular and metabolic testing equipment. We work with individual athletes across a range of endurance sports, measuring exercise performance and creating bespoke training to ensure goal achievement. 

Our team of experienced coaches get results. Real life experience from competing across a range of sports at the highest level, combined with university level studies and laboratory time!!

David Percival

David is a former para-medic  and a life-long cyclist gaining experience in a wide variety of cycling activities including road racing, time trailing, track racing and has completed several major European sportives including the Etape du Tour. He is an active club member and regularly competes in the Veterans Road Racing League.

  • Association of British Cycling Coaches (ABCC) Level 3 Coach
  • British Cycling (BC) Level 2 Coach
  • Dip. Sports Science
  • Dip. Exercise Physiology
  • Certified Ride Leader
  • Training peaks certified coach level 2
  • Bike positional analysis and fitter

Stuart Percival

Head sports physiologist, Stuart is passionate about teaching his athletes how to train effectively towards their goals across a multitude of endurance sports, he is a keen racing cyclist regularly competing in north west region road races as well as racing outside of the UK. He specialises in Sports exercise physiology and testing.

  • British cycling level 2 coach
  • Gym Instructor level 2 REPS
  • Personal trainer level 3 REPS
  • Training Peaks Certified coach level 2
  • BSC (Hons) sports and exercise science (current)
  • 2009 North west road race champion
  • 2010 bronze National Emergency services road race
  • 2011 Bronze medal World Police and Fire Games- New York City
  • 2012 Silver National Emergency services road race
  • 2013 Gold medal World Police and Fire Games – Belfast

Alastair Irvine

Alastair will support SunSport Coaching activities at the SunVelo cycling base in Majorca. A qualified coach and multiple Commonwealth Games medallist, former Irish Road Race and Time Trial champion and medalist in Cyclo Cross, MTB and Velodrome. Three times Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games performance director, selector and Team Manager. Alastair raced many European stage and single day classic races. He has ridden some of Europe’s most iconic sportive events including the Marmotte, Novi Colli, Majorca 312 and Tour of Flanders Sportive. Leading cycling groups for over 10 years and riding the Majorcan roads for over 20 years.

Graham Bryce

A qualified cycle coach, Graham has been racing for 25 years and competed in all disciplines on and off road. His expertise and big passion is all things off road though! He races the NW Cyclocross league in preparation for the 3 peaks, races a wide variety of MTB including short course XC up to marathon and 12 hour races! As a qualified Brisitish cycling Commissaire he is also involved in race organisation.

  • ABCC cycle coach level 3
  • British cycling qualified commissaire XC MTB
  • 2007 National Emergency Services MTB Champion
  • 2011 Bronze National Emergncy Services MTB
  • 2012 National Emergency Services MTB Champion

Wout Driever

Wout is an ambitious and passionate cyclist and coach, always looking for new innovations to improve performance and help athletes achieve their goals: from core stability to hydration and injury prevention to nutrition. He has cycled the Alps, Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada, Dolomites, Mallorca and more…..He speak 5 languages and is an accomplished ride leader.

  • BSc(Hons) Sport and exerise science (current)
  • Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor (Lvl5-Current)
  • BSc international Business and Languages

Whether you are an endurance athlete with specific competition in mind or a sports enthusiast looking for performance gains SunSport Coaching can support you to achieve your goals.

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