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At SunSport Coaching we agree only one coaching package with our customers. One price, one level of support and one outcome!

To maximise progression and achieve success requires unique planning and close support. We recognise everyone is different in their abilities, available time and personal motivation and we achieve excellent results by understanding our athletes.

You will be assigned a full time personal coach to work with who will deliver daily training based on your unique exercise test results, personal goals and availibilty. Our plans are dynamic, driven by analysis of your training files, your progress and regular lab and field based sports testing we will undertake with you. 

You will be in the hands of a coach who knows what it takes to achieve peak performance as well as the challenges of starting at a novice level, returning from an injury or extended long period of inactivity.  We will guide you through your agreed periodised season plan to ensure you are in peak physical condition for key events.


£140.00 pcm

proven results
  • Cardiopulmonary exercise testing- V02 max
  • Moxy Monitor assessment-Only UK certified centre
  • Personal coach-24/7
  • Dynamic weekly training plan
  • Regular lab/field testing
  • Analysis of your training data- premium training peaks
  • Unique strength and conditioning plans

Yes, of course. Much of our coaching is done via email and phone contact due to the complexities of meeting regularly face-to-face.

We are available via phone, email and skype to fully support you.

The aim of our sports performance assessment and coaching services is to improve you as an athlete! Everyone that works with us has an important goal they want to achieve. We give everyone the same level of service and support because you need it to improve, excluding important information or lab tests to reduce costs slightly is not something we do. One package..one result !

We assess and coach a wide range of endurance athletes, triathletes, cyclists, runners and rowers, across a range of discipines. We do not prescribe generic training plans, we use the latest technology and forward thinking to assess your exercise physiology. We take a three step approach. One: understand your unique goals. Two: measure your bodies response to exercise. Three: create a unique plan for you.

We run a monthly non contractual plan. You can cancel at anytime. 

SunSport Coaching is designed to take your fitness to the next level.

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