Baseline fitness test

SunSport’s baseline fitness test provides you with the information you need to begin to take control of your fitness and maximise your activity time with a personalised training plan.

You are likely at present to do some exercise and recognise that by exercising smarter and with expert support you will achieve greater fitness gains. A benchmark fitness test at our purpose built exercise physiology lab will allow us to determine your current strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint your training zones specific to your sport- V02 peak, Heart rate zones, Power zones(Cycling), Pace zones(run) and develop a plan
This comprehensive insight into your unique physiology enables us to work with you and improve key areas that will immediately provide improved fitness and performance.
Customers that take the fitness test often go on to take on our personal coaching package and with a training plan that includes follow up tests have achieved considerable sporting success.

V02 max testing (CPET) bike/treadmill
Lactate testing (optional)
Health screening-Blood pressure, RHR, Oxygen saturation, height, weight, BMI
Body composition testing
Lung function-Spirometry
Strength testing
Flexibilty testing
Power profile (bike)
Consultation and planning
Price £195