Sports performance test

SunSport’s Performance Test is specifically designed for athletes that already have or are setting new performance goals.

You may be part way through an existing improvement plan and looking for a full assessment or an athlete starting a new coaching schedule and establishing a baseline. A full performance test provides you with all the scientific tools you need to develop further and coupled with a personal training plan using our coaching expertise has shown to be effective across all levels of endurance sports.

To reach your full potential and maximise your athletic performance you must understand what your absolute capacity is and take yourself as close as possible to this. With our most comprehensive physiological and fitness test package we can quantify exactly where this is and design a bespoke training plan to guide you to your sporting performance goals.

Coaches will pinpoint accurate Physiological zones from your Graded exercise test including, Heart rate, Power, Pace Zones plus important heart rate thresholds and V02 peak.

Our performance package also includes a bio mechanical assessment on either a treadmill (runner) or bike (cyclists) and full postural analysis to determine your economy during exercise.

We are confident that with our performance package and full coaching support we can take your performance to the next level

V02 max testing (CPET) bike/treadmill
Lactate testing (optional)
Health screening-Blood pressure, RHR, Oxygen saturation, height, weight, BMI
Body composition testing
Lung function-Spirometry
Strength testing
Flexibilty testing
Training plan
Power profiling (cycle)
Biomechnical assessment-bike (optional extra)
Biomechanical assessment-treadmill (optional extra)
Consulation and planning
Price £195