Fitness Testing

SunSport Coaching takes a comprehensive approach to improving your athletic performance by using state of the art equipment to accurately test your exercise physiology. Testing lactate levels and V02 max (maximal oxygen uptake) during exercise allows us to pinpoint where improvements are likely to take your performance to the next level.

Establishing a benchmark is key to improvement that a personal coaching plan can help you achieve.

At our Manchester based sports science lab each assessment takes place under the expert guidance of SunSport Coaching qualified staff, supporting you and explaining each element of the appropriate test as it is undertaken. Your understanding of the component parts of testing is important for you to get the most from your time with us and pre-assessment questionnaires are completed ahead of time in the testing lab.

Our Mallorca based testing lab in partnership with the SunVelo cycling training camp business is based on cycling performance and provides an excellent opportunity to gain a baseline fitness assessment whilst taking part in a training camp.

Components of your test

Which fitness test is right for you?