Test → Improve → Perform

If you are an athlete with specific competition in mind, lead an active lifestyle and chasing a new personal best or have reached a stage in life with fitness levels not what they should be and looking for improved general wellness then SunSport Coaching can support you to achieve your goals.

Whether it be cycling, running, swimming or just physical challenges SunSport Coaching is about bringing healthy sporting activity in to your life and if you are already doing it then building on fitness for performance gains. SunSport Coaching is personal and about you, supporting you in what you want to achieve by being active. With SunSport Coaching you can work with experts to build a personal coaching plan that can take you to the highest national competition levels, improve to gain a new personal best performance or simply put you on a road to a healthier lifestyle, you decide.

We understand the time demands on everyday living and use the very latest advanced fitness testing and diagnostics equipment to pinpoint exactly where you are on your journey to healthier living or athletic performance. With regular assessment we accurately track your progress and your coach can adjust and dial-in a personal coaching plan that exactly fits your needs and available time.

Don’t take our word for it read customer experiences from working with our coaches.